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Four Season

The perennial collection of four-season fabrics includes a wide range of classic plain, semi-plain, checked and striped patterns that are suitable for year-round wear, and remain the most popular cloth choice for formal suits, jackets and trousers.

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Charcoal VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Dark Denim VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Dark Grey VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Ecru VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Ivory VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Light Grey VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Mid Grey VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Midnight Blue VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Navy VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Royal Blue VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Charcoal VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Tobacco VBC "Perennial" Plain Twill
Dark Grey VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Grey VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Mid Blue VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Mid Grey VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Midnight Blue VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Navy VBC "Perennial" Sharkskin
Airforce Blue VBC "Perennial" Glen Check
Charcoal VBC "Perennial" Windowpane
Dark Grey VBC "Perennial" Glen check
Light Grey VBC "Perennial" Windowpane
Mid Blue VBC "Perennial" Windowpane
Navy VBC "Perennial" Windowpane
Navy VBC "Perennial" Glen Check
Taupe VBC "Perennial" Windowpane
Charcoal VBC "Perennial" Chalk Stripe
Navy VBC "Perennial" Chalk Stripe
Black VBC "Perennial" Herringbone
Grey VBC "Perennial" Herringbone
Dark Grey VBC "Perennial" Herringbone
Navy VBC "Perennial" Herringbone
Dark Grey VBC "Perennial" Birdseye
Mid Grey VBC "Perennial" Birdseye
Midnight Blue VBC "Perennial" Birdseye
Navy VBC "Perennial" Birdseye
Black VBC "Perennial" Plain Weave
Midnight Blue VBC "Perennial" Plain Weave
Charcoal Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Chocolate Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Dark Grey Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Dark Navy Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Light Grey Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Mid Blue Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Mid Grey Reda "Four Seasons" Pinpoint
Charcoal Reda "Four Seasons" Narrow Pinstripe
Mid Blue "Four Seasons" Narrow Pinstripe
Midnight Blue "Four Seasons" Narrow Pinstripe