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The cooling qualities of seersucker were recognised by the British in colonial India, who adopted the use of the fabric in an attempt to cope in the heat of the local climate.

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Sky Blue/White Check "Zefiro" Seersucker
Green Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
Green Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker Sale price£1,265.00
Red Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
Red Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker Sale price£1,265.00
Chocolate Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
Black Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
Black Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker Sale price£1,265.00
Midnight Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
Navy Blue Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
Royal Blue Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
White Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker
White Solid "Zefiro" Seersucker Sale price£1,265.00
Navy/White Wide Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Navy/Off White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Mid Blue/Off White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Pink/White Check "Zefiro" Seersucker
Red/White Check "Zefiro" Seersucker
Tan/White Check "Zefiro" Seersucker
Mid Blue/White Check "Zefiro" Seersucker
Mid Blue/White Unbalanced Windowpane "Zefiro" Seersucker
Pink/White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Red/White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Tan/White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Mid Blue/White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Sky Blue/White Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Green/Blue/White Multi Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Brown/Blue/White Multi Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Navy/Red/White Multi Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Mid Blue Self Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Red Self Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Navy Self Stripe "Zefiro" Seersucker
Navy/Red Unbalanced Windowpane "Zefiro" Seersucker
Red/Blue Unbalanced Windowpane "Zefiro" Seersucker
White/Blue Unbalanced Windowpane "Zefiro" Seersucker